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Accident injury attorneys

Frequently Asked Questions

After experiencing a traumatic incident, many questions come to mind.

We know you have questions about your case and your need for justice. To help answer some key questions regarding your case, please take a second to review the frequently asked questions we get from clients like you.

The most important thing to do is seek immediate and appropriate medical attention. If you are able, take photos and videos of the scene and get contact information of all witnesses. Never apologize or admit fault as anything can be used against you if you decide to pursue a claim. Set up a meeting with the right lawyer as soon as possible.

Hire a personal injury attorney the way you would any professional. Look for client testimonials and reviews on third party sites. Interview and meet with lawyers whom you think meet your criteria and know your type of case. That way you can ask pertinent questions and determine if they are the right fit. Remember, reputation matters. At Queen Yasmine Personal Injury, we are known for resolving cases quickly and fairly.

We work on a contingency fee. Some attorneys refer to it as a “no win, no fee guarantee.” A contingency fee arrangement means that we do not get paid for our services until there is either a settlement or a win at trial, and we are entitled to a percentage of the settlement/win. If there is no settlement/win, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

That is not a problem for us. Thankfully, we have relationships with some of the best medical providers in California. We can refer you to the right medical professional so you can focus on healing and recovering for your injuries. There is no insurance necessary for this.

In California, it is against the law to hit someone and escape the scene. It is also against the law to operate a vehicle and fail to carry insurance. Unfortunately, people still cause hit and runs and drive without a valid insurance policy. Many drivers have something called an Uninsured/Underinsured policy in their own insurance policy. That means that if you are hit by a driver without insurance or inadequate insurance, your own insurance will essentially “take the place” of the at fault party and compensate you for your injuries.

No. Many of our cases resolve informally without the need for litigation. We pride ourselves on being extremely detail-oriented, practical, and analytical so we can negotiate the best possible outcome for you. This is often done without filing a lawsuit.

Never. However, during the course of your case, our firm will advance certain costs including but not limited to ordering medical records, filing fees, litigation expenses, etc. We will advance those costs up front. When your case settles/there is a win, those costs will be deducted from the total settlement.

A lot of attorneys claim to be experts in Uber and Lyft cases when in reality, they simply have no idea about the intricacies of these cases. A large portion of our cases are rideshare cases. We know California’s ever changing rideshare laws inside and out and have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success as a result of our knowledge and expertise.

We can definitely help you with your medical appointments. Just say the word and we will arrange a ride for you via one of the reputable rideshare apps.

If you receive treatment with a medical provider on a lien, it means that the provider will be entitled to be compensated for their bill when the matter settles/resolves via a verdict.

Yes. Each state has laws called “statute of limitations” that provide time limits to formally file a lawsuit or claim. It is important to contact us, or any lawyer, as soon as possible after you have been harmed, as an otherwise viable claim may not be considered if it is not filed within the time limits.

Settlements And Verdicts

In the event of serious injury or wrongful death, it is vital to find the right attorney.  At Queen Yasmine Personal Injury, we are keenly focused on getting the compensations you deserve –time and again we achieve successful results in high stakes cases.

If you have any questions about the many cases we have handled, please contact us.


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