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International Day of Older Persons

International Day of Older Persons

International Day of Older Persons is a day set aside to celebrate the achievements and contributions of older persons worldwide. This day was established by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 64/292 in 2002 with the theme “Ageing With Dignity.” International Day of Older Persons is celebrated annually on 1 October, aiming to increase awareness of the rights, dignity, diversity, and contribution that older persons bring to society. This particular day has been designated a public holiday in many countries.

This year’s events may include speeches about age-friendly policy changes and presentations highlighting recent developments in technology for older people. Countries have been encouraged to celebrate this day with various events organized by the government, NGOs, and the private sector. Some countries have taken advantage of the International Day of Older Persons by making the necessary arrangements for inclusive policies and opportunities for older persons.

How To Celebrate International Day of Older Persons

International Day of Older Persons

International Day of Older Persons is a unique event that encourages us all to reflect on aging issues, not just for older people but also for their families, employers, and carers. By increasing our understanding of how we can all work together to achieve positive outcomes for older people, we can also contribute to creating a better society where everyone is valued, included, and free from discrimination.

1. Show respect

Respect should be shown to all older people, whether they are relatives, colleagues, friends, or acquaintances. Let them know they are appreciated and acknowledged by you and that they have a right to enjoy their golden years in peace and security. If you meet older persons in the community on the day of celebration, greet them appropriately and let them know you celebrate them.

2. Engage them

You should engage them by taking up community projects that help older persons in need. This will also make you feel useful and needed, thus fostering a sense of belonging in society. In addition, it allows you to interact with older persons and let them know what you are doing for them.

3. Empower older persons

Empowering older persons can be done through;

Honoring Opinions and Life Experience

Respecting their opinions and including them in decision-making by involving them in community projects. You can also allow them to take up responsibilities they are comfortable with, like mentoring or volunteering for community projects. This will make older persons feel wanted and needed and give them a sense of purpose and achievement that they are contributing to the country’s development process, thus making their twilight years meaningful. Their contribution can never be quantified but let them know how important it is to society.

Meet The Most Basic of Needs

Empowering older persons also means meeting their basic needs and addressing their health concerns. Older persons are prone to age-related diseases like heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, and stroke. Encourage physical activities in your community where older persons can get together for sports and leisure. Reporting on their health concerns to the health personnel. This will encourage them to take up health-checkup programs, thus preventing the onset of various diseases.

It’s also essential that you’re watching the car of your loved one in nursing homes. While most nursing homes are lovely places, some become abusive to their elders. This abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, and financial. Make sure you know the signs of elder abuse and visit your loved one often. If you suspect an elder you love is being abused in a nursing home, call us immediately for help.

Provide Meaningful Work

Older persons can also be empowered by providing them with opportunities to take care of younger children in their families who are going through tough times. These children could be suffering from different diseases and, if left unattended, may even end up being neglected as a result.

Provide opportunities for older persons to learn and develop skills that can be used in the community, like cooking or gardening. These will help them become valuable individuals and feel useful in society.

4. Promote inclusiveness

All older persons should be allowed to actively participate in the country’s economic and social development. This can be done by:

  • Providing them with valuable skills and knowledge for their families, communities, or the nation.
  • Involving them in community projects like cleaning public places or walking lanes where they can serve as role models, thus empowering themselves.
  • Giving them a chance to participate in local council programs by giving suggestions or ideas to improve their living conditions and promote positive change.
  • Give them a chance to change a society that will help them in the future. For example, this could be done by setting up home-based enterprises where they can help their families financially.

Thank You, Elders

At Queen Yasmine Law, we are profoundly grateful for our elders’ experience, hard work, love, and service. We know that one of the hardest things about aging is being “forgotten,” so our hopes in writing this blog are to let you know we see you appreciate you, and if the need comes, we are here to fight for to protect you.


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