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Lime & Bird Electric Scooters – Tips to Keep you Safe

Lime & Bird Electric Scooters – Tips to Keep you Safe

When electric scooters were first made available for public use in cities, they were heralded as a green, fun, and efficient way to get around. Unfortunately, they’ve also been the cause of a number of injuries and even some deaths.

With summer here, electric scooter use will be more prevalent than in any other season. So here are five reasons why Lime and Bird electric scooters are dangerous and five tips to help you stay safe if you choose to ride one.

1. Design Defects

Lime and Bird electric scooters have been known to have a number of design defects that can make them dangerous. For example, the throttle can get stuck, the brakes can fail, and the steering can malfunction.

2. Top-Heavy

Because electric scooters are top-heavy, they’re more likely to tip over than a traditional bicycle. This is especially dangerous at high speeds when a rider could easily be thrown from the scooter.

3. Poor Instructions

When you rent a Lime or Bird scooter, you’re given very little instruction on how to use it. You’re essentially left to figure it out on your own. This can lead to riders not understanding how to properly use the scooter, which increases the likelihood of sustaining an injury.

4. They’re Not Well-Lit

Another safety issue with Lime and Bird scooters is that they’re not well-lit. This means that riders are less visible to drivers and more likely to be involved in an accident.

5. They’re Not Widely Regulated

Unlike traditional bicycles, there are few laws regulating the use of electric scooters. This means that nearly anyone can ride one, regardless of their age or experience level. And that can lead to accidents.

Fortunately, some states have taken action to regulate the use of electric scooters, restricting the age of riders to 16.

Tips to Stay Safe on Lime and Bird Electric Scooters

1. Wear a Helmet

As with bicycles, electric scooters leave the operator completely exposed. The most significant precaution you can take is to protect your head with a helmet.

2. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Because they’re so unpredictable, it’s important to be on the lookout for potholes, bumps, and other obstacles that could cause you to lose control.

3. Use the Scooter’s Lights

If you’re riding at night, be sure to use the scooter’s lights so that you’re visible to drivers.

4. Stay Off Busy Roads

Whenever possible, stick to side streets and paths where there’s less traffic.

5. Follow All Local Laws and Regulations

Even if you live in a state that doesn’t regulate electric scooter use, you should still follow the rules of the road and obey traffic laws.

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