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Results that speak to who we are.

If you have suffered a serious injury, finding the right legal representation is critical.  At Queen Yasmine Injury Law, we have a vast body of experience with outstanding results that speak to who we are and what we can do for you.

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Car Accident

Pedestrian struck in crosswalk

Our client walking to school when she was hit by a vehicle as she crossed a crosswalk. She suffered a serious traumatic brain injury as a result of the crash.


Car Accident

Negligent driver causes freeway accident

As a result of a negligent and distracted driver, our client was involved in a rear-end roll over collision on the freeway. Because of injuries sustained in the crash, the client had to undergo neck and back surgery.  


Car Accident

Rideshare vehicle hit by drunk driver

Our client was in a rideshare vehicle when he was violently and forcefully hit by a drunk driver from behind, suffering serious injuries to his knee and neck. 


Car Accident

Rear-ended by freeway racers

While our clients were driving on the freeway, a driver who appeared to be racing with another vehicle forcefully crashed into the rear of their vehicle – pushing it into the center divider.  As a result, our clients collectively obtained neck, back and shoulder surgery.


Car Accident

Injured by hit and run driver

An athlete, our client was in a rideshare vehicle one evening when the vehicle was forcefully hit from behind by a hit and run driver. Because of injuries incurred by the crash, our client obtained hip surgery.


Premises Liability

Faulty carpet causes injuries

While attending a party at a well-known venue, our client tripped on a faulty carpet – landing on her wrist and knees and suffering knee and hand injuries. 


Car Accident

Rideshare accident results in surgery

A well-known community leader, our client was involved in a rideshare accident while driving to the airport. His vehicle was totaled, and his shoulder took the brunt of the impact, resulting in rotator cuff surgery. 


Dog Bite

Open gate leads to surgery

Our client was taking a relaxing daytime stroll with her dogs. Out of the blue, a Rottweiler mix escaped from its home via an open gate and charged a her. In an effort to protect herself and her dogs, our client  fell backwards fracturing her hip leading to surgery. 


Dog Bite

Roaming Dog Attack

Our client was going about his business as a mechanic. As he exited his vehicle, he was violently attacked by a German Shepard roaming the streets. Shocked by the attack he fell backward, landing forcefully on his wrist, resulting in wrist surgery.


Dog Bite

Unexpected dog bite

Our minor client was at a friend’s house playing with other children his age. In a sudden and unanticipated attack, our client was bitten in the arm by the friend’s German Shepard, resulting in permanent scaring. 

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