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December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Early December marks the beginning of National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Impaired driving-related accidents often lead to serious injuries and can be fatal. Studies also show that around 10 million Americans drive impaired by illicit drugs. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that 13.2% of all people aged 16 or older drive under the influence while 4.3% drove under the influence of illicit drugs. Taking care of yourself and prompting responsible decision making to drive safely without being under the influence is crucial.

Historically, there have been higher cases of impaired driving during the winter months, specifically in December as it shows there is an increase in traffic fatalities around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. During the month of December, an average of 25 people are fatally injured in alcohol-impaired driving crashes per day. Young adults are at the highest risk group for driving impaired and were involved in more fatal crashes than any other age group. Protect yourself and your loved ones by making the decision to drive safely this holiday season and follow these tips.



Consuming alcohol dramatically impairs your ability to drive. Always plan ahead and never get behind the wheel while under the influence. Always avoid getting behind the wheel if you are experiencing symptoms of intoxication. If you are coming from a party, have a non-drinking friend as a designated driver, use an Uber or taxi, or make other plans to get home safely.


As the holidays approach, and we attend parties with one another, make sure to have everyone’s back. Do not let yourself or others put their life in jeopardy by driving under the influence. If someone has been drinking, do not let them get behind the wheel. Help arrange a sober ride home for them. Check up on them to make sure they get home safely.


Always plan for alternate or public transportation when attending events that may result in drinking and never get behind the wheel. Do not drive if you are not in the proper mental state to do so. Call a taxi, an Uber, or even a sober friend to take you home instead.


If you are hosting the festivities where alcohol is involved, make sure that your guests have a way to get home. Ask them throughout the night if they have a way of getting home and if they need you to help organize one. It is better to be safe and prepared than allow them to get behind the wheel.


Obey the rules and buckle up. It is your best defense against impaired drivers and to stay vigilant of any reckless driving while you are on the road. If you see an impaired driver on the road, contact local law enforcement and help keep the roads safe not only for you but for others as well.

Driving while under the influence can significantly increase the likelihood of causing an accident. With the holidays coming up, it should be a time of celebrations and not tragedies. Taking steps to ensure that you are capable of driving without being under the influence will keep you and others safe on the road. Injuries related to drunk or drugged driving can be fatal, resulting in life-long damages. If you or a loved one are injured in an impaired driving-related accident, Queen Yasmine Personal Injury Law is here for you. It’s important to seek expert advice from an auto accident lawyer who has experience. Our extremely qualified auto-accident lawyers will advocate on your behalf to obtain full compensation for your injuries or loss.

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