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Nine Tips for Dealing with Other Driver’s Insurance

Three drivers exchanging insurance information after a car accident.

Nine Tips for Dealing with Other Driver’s Insurance

Three drivers exchanging insurance information after a car accident.

A car accident can be a scary experience. Once it is over, you will need to call your insurance company to get things in line. Many drivers are unprepared for the next step – the other person’s insurance company will contact you. It is important to be prepared for this call so that they do not trick you into reducing the value of your case or admitting fault.
If you have hired a lawyer, you can ask the insurance representative to contact your lawyer and you can likely avoid this often awkward phone call.  Talk to the experienced personal injury team at Queen Yasmine Personal Injury Law to help you manage your case.
Read on to learn about nine tips that can help you deal with the other insurance company. It can be overwhelming, but it’s better to be prepared and know what to expect.

Never Admit Fault

Never admit fault or say that you are sorry. The insurance company’s adjuster is looking for words that indicate fault or an admission of negligence in order to reduce the value of your claim. Don’t say anything that would suggest you were the cause of the accident or that you have remorse for your actions.

Prepare to Write Down Everything Said

If possible, you should jot down every detail in writing during the call. If you cannot write during the call, get to pen and paper afterward and take down everything you remember. Having your record of what happened can keep you from getting tricked by an insurance company. Have proof of the actions you took and the words you said.

Do Not Allow Recording of Your Statement

You should never permit the insurance company to record your statement. There is a high chance that they will try to use your own words against you. The insurance contact should ask, but ensure that they do not record you by clearly asking them not to do so. Avoiding such a recording will help if you mess up your words or recollect details incorrectly.

Ask Who Is Speaking

Know who you are speaking to so you can work with that information later if an issue arises. There are a few things you should ask them and take down on the phone.
You might ask this individual for:
  • Their full name and title
  • The name of the insurance company
  • Their contact information
  • The name of the driver they are calling for
Once you have this information, you can better track your case and have a way to report them if something goes wrong.

Don’t Offer Personal Info

Insurance companies do not need to know all your personal information. There are only a few items that you should give them if they call.
You can share:
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your driver’s license
You should not give them your employment status or any personal information beyond that. If they push for more, kindly inform them that you do not need to provide these items. This action will prevent anything from being used against you.

Stick With Basic Details

When describing the car crash, stick to the basic details. Do not go into more depth than necessary, as more information may lead to your words being used against you.
You can tell them about:
  • Time and Date
  • Location of the accident
  • Types of vehicles
  • Witness contact information
If they push more, inform them that is all you can share and that the case is pending.

Don’t Discuss Injuries

If asked how you’re feeling, decline to comment. Don’t express that you’re feeling fine or that you’re better than before. Further, don’t comment about your injuries or share any details – especially before you’ve had a full diagnosis from a medical professional, as your diagnosis may be worse than initially perceived.

Don’t Accept Settlement Offer

The initial offer is rarely enough to cover your damages. If they offer you an amount right away, do not take it. By holding out, you can increase the chances that you will get all of your injuries and damages covered.  Car and medical repairs can be costly. Do not get scammed into taking less than you deserve by agreeing to an offer over the phone.

Stay Calm

Lastly, remember to stay calm. These callers are people just as much as you are. Avoiding losing your cool and keep everything cordial for this short call. Being aware of what to expect and using the tips above will help you stay calm and collected, which should help your outcome.

Count on Queen Yasmine Personal Injury Law

Dealing with an insurance adjuster is challenging and you don’t want to make any mistakes that could jeopardize your claim. Talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer at Queen Yasmine Personal Injury Law to help you determine the best legal strategy for your case. Then? When the adjuster calls, you can tell them to call your lawyer. We fight aggressively and passionately to help ensure the best results for you and your family. Attorney Yasmine Djawadian has recovered over $45 million for injured clients and is available 24/7 to recover on your behalf, as well.  You won’t face any legal fees unless you win your case, so go ahead and call our firm today or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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